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I am available to speak to:

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High School or College Students

Title: CULT 101

1.5 hour PowerPoint presentation


Mental Health Professionals

Title: Cults and Psychological Manipulation

1.5 hours PowerPoint presentation

Title: Mentalization and Attachment: Approach to Cult Recovery   

1.5 hours PowerPoint presentation


Those who work with victims of domestic violence

Title: Psychological Manipulation: Cults and Cultic Relationships

1.5 to 2 hour PowerPoint presentation


Former members of destructive cults

Title: Getting Therapy after group involvement

1 hour PowerPoint presentation

Title: Boundaries: Recognition and Repair after the Cult     

1.5 hours powerpoint presentation

Title: Healthy Individual Development is fostered in Healthy Families  

1.5 hours powerpoint presentation


Parents, Mental Health Professionals

Title: Losing a Child to a Cult: Disenfranchised Grief

1.5 hours PowerPoint presentation

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