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What I Do

I help people evaluate harm in cultic groups, relationships, and potentially abusive organizations, especially those disguised as churches.

Understanding how destructive cults gradually and deceptively evolve helps create viable strategies for protection, departure and recovery.

So I focus on education about how cults operate, and the highly manipulative environments where mind control occurs. Then I listen, I take their concerns seriously, and help them find a safe place to re-evaluate their involvement.

I offer personal and professional experience (25 years) in the cult recovery field. My educational background in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy is very helpful in sorting out cult issues, since cults operate very much like pathological family systems.

I also lecture to high school and college students with a unit I call Cult 101. Education is the best means available to limit and possibly prevent Cult abuse. There is so much deception involved in cult recruitment, it's critical that students learn how these groups operate, especially on their own campuses.

I teach mental health professionals how to identify destructive groups, as well as to assess and treat their clients who have been harmed in cults. There is some overlap of domestic violence and sexual abuse therapy, and some unique recommendations for helping cult survivors.

I also provide supervision/consultation by phone or skype to clinicians who have clients with cult issues.

Another important mode of treatment I regularly do is group work with former cultists. My focus has been on the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) aspects of recovery as well as boundaries and trust in relationships.

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